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Call the Midwife Episode 6

Monday, May 6, 2013

                                                                                                                                                         Sunday May 5th original airdate on PBS.    

Dr Turner manages to get Poplar included in the mass X-ray screening programme for TB. Meanwhile, Jenny's district nursing rounds introduce her to a family who have been devastated by the disease.

My favorite quote from the episode was by Sister Monica Joan: "Speak of the sun...and so it shines."

This episode included a mobile X-ray van that was set up to screen for TB (tuberculosis), which was still a devastating disease during the 1950's in parts of London, as well as the rest of the world.


One of the nun's x-rays indicates she has TB.

Also in this episode, there was a patient of Nonnatus House/ Poplar clinic who was almost full term in her pregnancy and had managed to hide it from her co-worker's at a secretarial pool.  She ends up returning home to her father's, which is a home above the pub he owns and runs. He is dying and they have a lot of animousity between them, however they manage to make peace before he dies.  Which is good because he then leaves her the pub which secures a future for both the woman and her new child.

Next week on Call the Midwife Chummy returns to London.

It's Sunday - Take a Walk - Walk Your Dog

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Random Sunday Post:                                                       

It's Sunday, get off your computers.

Go take a walk and take your dog with you.

Or you cat, I would like to see people walking cats. :-)

Can't get away from technology completely?

Well then, here is a playlist.....

Imagine Dragons:


Call the Midwife Season 2 Episode 4

Monday, April 22, 2013

This week on Call the Midwife (Sundays PBS): Nurse Jenny returns to Nonnatus House after working at The London, a large hospital also on London's east side where she was doing a surgical rotation. 

Episode three will be covered  later this week, as last week's Call the Midwife Monday was not posted due to current events in the U.S.

Jenny at The London                       

Episode four opens with Jenny on a bicycle.  Always with the bicycles.  Bicycles are the midwives main means of transportation. 

This week Sister Evangelina and Jenny deliver a baby suffering from Spina Bifida, which is a condition where there appears to be a hole in the child's back.  This condition is extremely serious, especially in the 1950's.

Jane, the newcomer to Nonnatus House finds a love interest in a long-winded Reverend who is an acquaintance of Chummy's from Sierra Leon; where she is working as a missionary.

During the episode the fact that Jane has never been kissed comes to light when the girls are trying to name a goldfish Jane had won at the fair.. They suggest she name the fish after her first kiss, she replies ["that this fish must remain nameless then"].  The girls feel bad for Jane, understandably.

The baby featured in this episode, the baby with Spina Bifida, faces a bleak future at St. Gideon's house (a home for disabled or otherwise orphaned children).  The baby's parents are having difficulty accepting the child's prognosis.

Jenny and Jane visit St. Gideon's where Jane reveals she was raised there.  She later explains to the Reverend that she was left there because she was a nervous, frightful child.

The parents of the child come to there wits and decide to raise their child at home, but only after driving there and carrying him inside.  The father asks one of the residents how it is at St. Gideon's, and the boy replies that it is okay because there is a biscut factory next door and the children recieve the broken ones (the rejects).  At this the father decides to underhandly convince his wife to keep and raise the baby.  He is a gambler and he bets on his wife's heart.  Better judgement prevailed.

In the end Jane was finally able to name her fish.  He is named Reverend Appleby Thornton.


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